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5 Reasons Why We Make the Difference:

Kelly Green Lawn Spray

1154 Halls Ridge Road

Princeton, WV 24739

Phone: 304-431-1199


1. Results . . .  a thick, lush, green, weed-free lawn.


We provide 5 scheduled, timely, successful treatments that are essential for a beautiful lawn, including comprehensive fertilization, complete broadleaf weed control and pre-emergence crabgrass control. We provide effective insect control on an as needed basis only. Charges vary for insect control due to the type of insect and the products used for control.

2. Quality Lawn Care... affordable prices

Our revolutionary approach to lawn care is a labor efficient, liquid and granular application. Plus, our specially designed equipment and volume buying power enables us to keep prices "down-to-earth". The Kelly Green Lawn Spray program costs less, (in most cases) than"do-it-yourself" methods, which can be risky.


3. Savings . . .

Your time is worth

money, we save

you both.

The "do-it-yourself"

bag fertilizer

approach costs you





labor. By

examining your lawn, regularly, our trained lawn specialists prevent serious problems that lead to costly lawn repairs.

4. Value . . . a beautiful lawn enhances your home's value


Recent surveys* show that an attractive, weed free lawn adds up to $4,500 to the value of your home. Your home is a lifetime investment that you take pride in. Both you and your home deserve a beautiful lawn.

*Independent survey of Realtors in 3 major U.S. metropolitan areas


5. Service . . . 




knows you

want the

best . . .

and we 

know you can't get answers from a bag of fertilizer.

The Kelly Green Lawn Spray program is designed and formulated for the lawns in your neighborhood. It's not guesswork . . . it's research. Our trained staff is always available for consultation . . . call us anytime when you have a lawn problem - we're here when you need us.

Early Spring Treatment

Fertilization for early spring green-up. Pre-emergence crabgrass control. Pre-emergence broadleaf weed control.

Late Spring Treatment

Balanced blend of "quick" and "slow" release fertilization for prolonged feeding of turf. Broadleaf weed control. Insect control for turf damaging insects if necessary.

Summer Treatment

Important "slow" release fertilization for slow feeding during hot dry periods in summer. Spot broadleaf control if necessary.
Early Fall Treatment

"Slow" release fertilization to complete summer feeding of turf. "Quick" release fertilization to start fall root building program in lawn and broadleaf weed control.

Late Fall Treatment

Balanced late fall fertilization. Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potash for root development, plus micro-nutrients for increased winter survival and early spring green-up.

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